Jun 01 at 05:47 PM this is side stepping Lisa's question.  there are many of us looking for an opportunity to see Born innocent:  The Redd Kross Story.  We signed up and paid to join Cineville for this reason alone.  Your description and website are very misleading.  even in the question and answer video with the director and Jeff and Steve it sounds like we are able to view the documentary when they announce the extension of the festival online.  many of us are disappointed and feel this has been misrepresented.  There is no direct contact or email I can find on the website to address this.  This is bad business in my opinion.  it looks like you have lots of content I would be interested in, but the inability to be forthright with information and just say Born Innocent is unavailable for streaming is highly suspicious.  

Very disappointed.  I guess consider my paid membership as a donation as I don't see an option to cancel.  



May 30 at 10:44 AM

I'm confused?  I thought Born innocent: The Redd Kross Story was going to be available to stream? This is the reason I joined.  The information on the website is misleading or confusing? Where or who can I contact for a refund or cancellation?  I'm sorry to have to post this here, but I cannot find any contact information?